Who We Are?

4Shore Business Ventures is a 100% empowered company which is BEE Compliant, specifically formed to focus on empowering and supporting Private as well as Public Services Sector Entities (Parastatals, Provincial as well as Local Government) in the optimal management of their current as well as emerging contracting needs. 

The following are specific areas that 4Shore Business Ventures could support in an integrated and holistic manner to ensure optimal and sustainable results:

  • Consulting in Project Management
  • Events Management
  • Human Resources and Skills Development
  • Financial Consulting
  • Construction and Civil Engineering
  • Transportation


Our mission is to provoke best practice and implement solutions that yield significant and measurable results which will enable customer satisfaction. We value and care for our team and appreciate the diversity, skills, passion and commitment they bring to our company. We are dedicated and strive to earn our client’s respect and trust by adhering to prudent business practices and uncompromising integrity in all our engagements.


Our vision is to be a world-class, niche business solutions company in Africa in order to be the preferred supplier of consulting and related services. We are committed to maintain optimal standards of integrity, transparency and professionalism in executing our services and we strive to provide unparalleled consulting services as well as to add material and sustainable value to our clients and stakeholders.

Our Core Values

Our founding values are sacrosanct and therefore “not negotiable”:

Customer Value: Our customer comes first. We exist to provide value to our clients.

Decision: Our relentless focus is on our client’s requirements and is underpinned by a bias for action and decision making.

Free Enterprise: We are founded on the spirit of free enterprise.

Diversity: Specialist and complimentary skills combine to provide our “third mind.”

Integrity: Our staff thrive on delivering quality service, being honest and have strong moral principles.

Teamwork: We operate as one, with a single-minded resolution to meet your unique requirements.

Why Choose Us ?

We are committed to helping ourclients reach their goals, to personalising their business requirements, to providing innovative solutions, and to making a difference.

Unlocking your Business Potential

Delivering Projects Timeously

Outstanding Service Delivery